Dear MPS Member,


Korea is honored to be the host of the ‘2017 Mont Pelerin Society Regional Meeting in Seoul’. We will meet in Seoul, the capital city of Korea. The meeting will be held from May 7~10, 2017. The year 2017 is very meaningful for MPS as well as for Korea. For MPS, it will be its 70th anniversary and for Korea it is the year of Presidential election in December. It will be an opportune time for a vigorous debate of several subjects within the overall theme, ‘Economic Freedom: Road to Prosperity’. We also will open some sessions on Korea economy in the world. You are more than welcome to share your insights with the Korean economists and public on how to revitalize the Korean Economy.


We hope MPS members and partners will act early to plan their attendance at the meeting, the first MPS event in Korea.


Spring is the most beautiful season in Korea.


We look forward to seeing you in Seoul!


Kyu-Jae Jeoug, Tae-shin Kwon, Inchul Kim

Co-Chairs, Organizing Committee

The 2017 Mont Pelerin Society Regional Meeting in Seoul